Stories of Activities

Short-distance activities
Activity 1: Distance from the accommodation about 500 meters - Pay homage to the blessings of the Mae Ya of Sukhothai.
Activity 2: Distance from the accommodation about 400 meters. See the villagers at the morning buy and sell things in Sukhothai market.
Activity 3: Distance from the accommodation about 200 meters (only on Saturdays 17.00-20.00 hrs. ) – Walking street of Phra Ruang Pedestrian along the Yom River Phra Ruang Bridge. You can try various local street foods such as Khaokreabpakmo, Meekropwan, Plahed, Sukhothai noodles, fried insects and etc.
Activity 4: distance from the accommodation about 12 kilometers. Travel to the old town, Sukhothai Historical Park, to see the ruins of early Thai kingdoms. Immerse yourself in the environment with the rich cultural heritage of Thailand and commemorate the sacrifice of King Ramkhamhaeng, father of the city of Sukhothai.
Activity 5: Distance from the accommodation 20 km. Learn the way of life and farming culture of Sukhothai at the organic farming learning center

Where to Find Food

Place to find delicious food and souvenirs from Sukhothai.

1. Jae Ha’s Sukhothai Noodles
2. Ban Na Ton Chan
3. Spicy Khanomjeen Chicken Curry by grandma Tuan
4. Aunt Da’s Boat Noodles
5. Ton Kra Jee Noodles
6. Jae Arrom’s Boiled Pork Blood (next to the river)
7. Jae Arrom’s Boiled Pork Blood Sukhothai Market)
8. Crunchy Pork Noodles in front of Darunee School
9. Hantood Noodles (fish balls, chicken stew and duck stew)
10. Souvenirs from Sukhothai rice at Reanoo Shop
11. Souvenirs from Sukhothai on Jarodwiteetong road